Post-Abortion Stress (PTBS) in Men

How abortion affects men and how they can be helped



What is Post-Abortion Stress (PTBS)

Post-Abortion Stress is commonly experienced by men who have fathered children who were aborted. Through denial, some men block the natural process of grieving and dealing with the death of their unborn children. They may deny their responsibility for the abortion, and in so doing block the natural recovery process that must take place before healing can occur.

Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress caused by Abortion

- Instability in relationships with women
- Anger, rage, and often abusive behaviour
- Inability to bond with children and/or your mate
- Sleeplessness,  nightmares
- Addictions (for example Pornography)
- Sexual dysfunctions
- Lack of confidence or unexplainable anxieties
- Depression, fear of failure or fear of rejection
- Loneliness and numbness
- Sense of loss
- Control issue

How does Abortion hurt men?
- Abortion takes the life of a developing baby in the womb of its mother.
- Abortion violates a man`s true heart for commitment, protection and provision
- Guilt and fear from an abortion can erode a man`s ability to trust God, woman and authority.

Who are these hurting men?
Abortion not only affects the father of the baby, but also the grandfather, the siblings and other relatives. Men who marry women who are post-abortive will be affected by their wives pain, even if they did not father the aborted children.

Why do men need help?
It is always healthy for men who have been affected by an abortion to grieve for the loss of their child and find closure and healing from their past. Forgiveness and healing are available. They can experience restoration and strengthening in their true marital and parental identities.

Millions of men have lost a child by an abortion. Don`t allow lost fatherhood remain a hidden experience governed by shame, guilt and thoughts of "what might have been". The connection between the abortion and your pain ist real. You know it better than anyone.

it is possible for men to be released from the harmful consequences of a past abortion. They can leave behind the old, crippling habits of abandoning and disappointing others.
In a SaveOne course you will find help in a safe and confidential environment.

The Healing Process
- You may be confused about why life often feels hollow.; many men are.
SaveOne courses help you to:
- Grieve the loss of your child, grandchild, brother, sister, or other family member
- Find out, where God fits in this picture
- Deal with guilt, shame, anger, ill-defined anxiety, and rage
- Rebuild confidence as a protector, provider, and preserver of the family
- Rebuild trust in God, woman, and others
- Forgive, accept, and be forgiven

Timothy Hall`s Story

"I don`t love you enough to have your children." That was the only explanation I received from my girlfriend, who would have been the mother of my child. In a ten minute conversation on the phone, I heard from the woman I thought I was going to marry that iI had been a father for two or three months.
I had no idea that she was pregnant. For several months, I was depressed. I did not want to attend my university classes, I didn`t eat, and I started a four year addiction to pornography.

I didn`t stop going to church and believing in God during this time. I felt like a hypocrite, and that made the feelings that much worse. During those years of pain, guilt, and shame, it never occurred to me that maybe it was because I needed an inner healing. I thougt I was "over it".

When I was twenty-six years od, six years after this mistake I heard about SaveOne. An announcement was made for the start of the new course and it was open for men. Immediately I knew I should got. I thought I was healed and had moved on only to find out there was still hurt and grief fot the lost child.

Through SaveOne I have found forgiveness, healing, and an inner peace that comes from knowing God still loves me.



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