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Become part of the SaveOne team! - What are the requirements?

You want to be part of SaveOne Europe and work with this ministry. You can either be trained as a SaveOne Leader or Co-Leader. Our requirements, especially for new SaveOne leaders in Austria, Germany and Switzerland are:

As a Co-Leader, it is sufficent to complete a SaveOne day training.

For all other European countries, the details of the cooperation are worked out and defined on a country-specific basis.

For more details, please contact Sonja Horswell at

IMPORTANT: Abortion is a trauma and it takes trained people to accompany those affected through the recovery process. Only those who have been personally accredited for this service by Chris & Sonja Horswell – Directors of SaveOne Europe and who appear on our website can lead SaveOne small groups courses and accompany those affected. This ensures a professional level of care for women, men and couples.

Office work

If you have the time and practical talents we are looking for and you would like to support us in setting up and expanding the service on a voluntary basis, then get in touch.

We need support from young / old / women and men

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