Life Stories & References

In the course of our work we have been able to accompany many people. Read the stories and let yourself be inspired.

Stories: Women

My name is Jacqueline, I am 20 years old and I was 17 when the termination of pregnancy was carried out. At that time I was alone with my decision and saw no other way but to decide to abort.

After the abortion I felt empty and let down. When I got home, in the bathroom in front of the same mirror in front of which I had considered myself pregnant, I now only felt soulless. That was the beginning of the end. From then on, I only had nightmares and my depression worsened. I had no one to talk to and no one who could understand me in any way. I tried everything to take my own life, but for fear of my little brother I just couldn’t make it.

Almost 3 years after the abortion, I was ready to face my past with SaveOne – despite Sonja’s warnings that it would not be easy. I was determined from the start to pull it off.

It was a very big step for me: without faith or trust in God or other people I came to the course very sceptically. But from week to week faith and trust in God came. I went through highs and lows and experienced the most difficult moments when God was with me. I am sure that God has been with me all my life and has always brought me further, right here at SaveOne.

I cried a lot during the 12 weeks, but I have to say honestly: it was so relieving as if someone was taking the entire burden off me, like a big boulder with all the painful memories. Now, after the course, I no longer have nightmares and I can easily talk about everything without tears coming and getting back all the feelings and memories of that time. And also with my new partner, with whom I have been living for 3 years now, it is much better, because I no longer take my anger etc. out of him. I am so thankful that God brought me here where I am now and that he has my daughter with him. I am certain that I will see them again someday.

At the age of 12 I became heavily addicted to drugs and sniffed, injected and smoked my way in two years through the complete repertoire that the Austrian drug scene had to offer at the time, and became pregnant and aborted for the first time. I later struggled with the most severe psychological problems for six years, which repeatedly culminated in suicide attempts and inpatient hospital stays.

At the age of 14, I had an abortion for the second time and pushed everything behind a mask. My emotional world cooled down, but it was not related to the abortions.

When it was time to work through my abortions after Jesus Christ saved me, and after some hesitation I took a SaveOne course and for the first time took responsibility for my abortion without looking to justify it.

As a result, I was overwhelmed by God’s grace and love. It was as if he had only been waiting for this step from me to then reveal his love to me in a way that was not known to me before. My restoration also worked in other areas of my life, in the shadow of the two abortions.

I was ready to find the pieces of my broken heart and hand them over to whoever could patch them up. This gave me a wonderful gift: I can now put the words “my children” or rather “my daughters” in my mouth without choking on them as before.

I can live with the certainty that I no longer have to feel guilty and I can tell my story to others and maybe give you courage to receive healing yourself.

At 15, I was sitting in front of the Bible verses that got into my heart when I was six. It was the verses from Jeremiah 1: 4-10. I thought I was at the low point of my life that day. Anorexic and with many thoughts of suicide, I cried out inside to God for help. He saw my need and answered. When I was 16, I got rid of anorexia and at 17 I finally found out why I had spent so many years in darkness and loneliness. The verse from Jeremiah became “the verse” for my calling.

When I was 6, I told my mother that it would be so nice if I could be a twin. This thought gave me great pleasure and I decided to be a twin. I played dollshouse with my “imaginary sister” and told her all my secrets. Then my mother always said: “Who put such foolish thoughts in your head that you are a twin”?

At the time, I didn’t notice that it was such a deep longing to be a twin. I hid myself and was lonely, I had no friends. I didn’t notice that it was my choice to be so lonely. No other girl could measure up to my “twin sister”. Nobody could understand me like she could.

When I was 10 I blamed myself. I said to myself: “I must be schizophrenic and if I continue like this, I will end up in a mental institution ”. So I decided to stop playing and talking to my “twin sister”.

You can’t just let things go unless you open up alternatives. I developed self-loathing. I became anorexic and hated all twins. When I saw twins on the street I quickly passed them by. Hatred grew from the feeling that it was so unfair that twins were always two and that I was just alone.

The desire to die and the hatred for my parents increased. I couldn’t understand it, because my parents were actually quite OK. I took up to 300 tablets a day, a cocktail of laxatives and an appetite suppressant. Until the day I cried out to God!

He knew my story. He was waiting for me so he could catch me up. What a wonderful God! He healed me. He also managed to help my mother overcome her wounds.

Then my mother told me our story.

So when I was 17, I found out that I really am a twin. My mother told me about “my” abortion. I shouldn’t have come into this world because it just didn’t fit. God hid me in my womb in the 12th week of pregnancy from the doctor who abortion my twin sister. Feelings of relief and deep sadness that I had always suspected, even somehow known, alternated within me.

Now 23 years have passed. A long time of processing and “de-traumatization” is behind me. But not a day goes by when I don’t think about it or deal with this topic. My heavenly father planned me. He has a plan for me and my life.

I’ve always wanted a family. When I was 19, after graduating from a monastery school, I had the feeling that I had to really enjoy life. At the monastery school I had learnt practical work and housekeeping and had not had much contact with the outside world.

The longing in me for love that I received neither enough from my father, nor in the monastery, made me go my own way. Still, I was afraid of forming steady relationships.

My abortion happened out of shame, abandonment and fear of what other people would say.

I then felt guilty for 37 years. I was immediately aware that I had done something bad. I suffered a lot from it and also had physical complaints. I felt hopelessness, sadness and grief in me and I was absolutely aware that it came from abortion. It had literally pulled the carpet out from under my feet!

My personality was destroyed and I lived with a mask that always showed me being happy.

When I became a believer, I immediately realized that I had to give it all to God. I did so and got new hope and joy. Despite everything, I am a happy person with laughter and singing and music. Today I think I needed it to really come to feel myself.

When I first heard about the SaveOne course, I immediately felt an urgent need to go through the course and have God heal me – also to gain new confidence in myself and in my environment.

I felt immediately understood from the first page, through the words of the chapters and the biblical promises. From week to week I got a new perspective on the Father Heart of God, a closer relationship with him, trust to be able to tell him everything and to let me catch him.

Healing from working on the course not only affected my abortion, it also started a new relationship with my family. And above all, I know today that what God says about me is the truth and my life has a whole new perspective.

Although I already wanted to have a child when I was 15, I aborted my third child, who came very quickly after the second. After breastfeeding my daughter, I had a major breast operation and under no circumstances could I imagine how I should now care for another small child. I got an address from a friend, it was not anything significant, she said, she had already done it three times and so I also solved this unpleasant problem.

Of course, I could not have known that it would affect my entire life. Although I’ve never had a guilty conscience or grief as far as I can remember, a lot happened in my life. Two divorces, always looking for love and the need to be loved.

For over 40 years I always had the same nightmares … I saw dead babies floating past me in a river … I knew I had a child that I had forgotten to feed for days … and I was always looking for my children.

When I was invited to take the SaveOne course, I didn’t think that I personally would need this course. I didn’t have any obvious problems with abortion, or so I thought. And it took a few chapters to get to my heart, to feel addressed, to understand what I had done to my unborn daughter.

God led me through the chapters, made me feel what I had done, and began to gently heal me step by step. I got my healing without judgment, without punishment and without charge, in pure love from him. A lot of junk has been cleared out of me, a lot of forgiveness has taken place and I can only recommend to anyone who is affected to take this course with God’s Word.

God doesn’t want us to carry this burden for our whole lifetime.

BUT only HE can free us from it.

I had my first abortion in 1989 and since then, despite repeated psychotherapeutic treatment, I had always been feeling guilty, especially on the anniversary of the first abortion towards the end of January.

However, in 2009, so 20 years later, it became extremely violent: I got massive bleeding, panic attacks and eating frenzies. I immediately went to a family therapy treatment of the Catholic ‘Familienwerks’ , which also helped me a lot. Nevertheless, the counsellor told me that I need more because of my feelings of guilt, that is say that I needed a “Pastor”.

So I went and searched on the Internet and found SaveOne after muchresearching. The course was held in autumn and I was impressed by the clarity and structure of the 10 steps offered there. I also found scriptures that I had never known before.

The most important thing, however, was the immediate forgiveness I received when I asked God for it. A load fell off my shoulders. In addition, the final ceremony of naming my two children by name and taking them into my heart, so to speak, touched me very much.

In January 2011, on the 22nd anniversary, I experienced the dayfor the first time without any bleeding, feelings of guilt or anxiety attacks – what a relief! I am incredibly grateful that I was able to find SaveOne and hope that many women like me can experience this same liberation.

“What??? Pregnant again? Married, but in a foreign Islamic country, with no family connection except for my husband and two small children! I also have to work, one salary is not enough in my husband’s home … I can never go through with it. I have to find a solution quickly, quickly!

My best friend gave me an address to solve the problem because she had already had experience in this regard.

There’s no other possibility; The main thing is that it is quick! My husband just says: “Do what you want, it’s your decision!”

Everything runs quickly and smoothly. Then it’s over, life goes on: job, children, husband, household … everything seems fine again.

I didn’t seem to have any immediate symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder at the time, but a few years later, when my little world was shaken, a serious mental illness broke out. Persistent insomnia could only be dealt with through heavy medication and hospital stays; this was followed by severe depression. It was particularly terrible that this clinical picture kept repeating itself, with the recovery phases becoming shorter and shorter. During the depressions, I was extremely plagued by guilt and my life just seemed hopeless … This difficult phase of my life lasted 14 years.

Healing a wounded soul takes time. Who can see the soul and its wounds? As for me, I didn’t even know that there could be a connection between my abortion and my mental suffering. Where did these violent feelings of guilt, self-accusation, feelings of failure, helplessness, inability, unworthiness come from?

SaveOne Conference 2009: The personal story of Sheila Harper (founder of SaveOne) hit my heart. Like a mighty tidal wave breaking a dam, like a violent pain that broke the hardened shell of my soul. Where did it come from, where had it been buried so deep that I hadn’t noticed it until then or hadn’t admitted it at all? Only so many years later did the tears flow like a river. Questions also came up in me. I realized that something had happened in my past that I had never dealt with.

I decided to take a SaveOne course. This time I decided to put my soul on the operating table, whatever the cost ..

Everything is allowed in the operating room of God as part of the SaveOne course: crying, being angry with others or with yourself, but also laughing, everything is allowed, everything that has been hidden, often deeply repressed must be brought to light … – but everything remains confidential, nothing comes out to the public.

It was not always easy, it took courage to look at myself in the mirror, to call things by name. But one thing I can say: it was really worth the effort! I am so glad that I accepted the invitation of Jesus: “Come to me all you who struggle and suffer from your burden! I will give you rest”. (Matt. 11:28) And I saw his promise come true.“ You will recognize the truth and the truth will set you free. ” This is fulfilled in my life!

Have you ever made the same decision (or maybe more than once) as I did back then and your soul is bleeding, whether you are aware of it or not?

Then I would like to encourage you: accept the invitation, you will never regret it. It is like a beauty operation for your soul. Take courage and register for the next SaveOne course.

He who trusts in the Lord will be surrounded by kindness ”. (Psalm 32:10)

If I had come across this sentence before the “SaveOne” course, I would not have been able to do very much with it, if anything at all – it simply would not have helped me further.

Further helped to completely process my abortion, which is now almost 16 years ago. The reasons for my abortion at the time were varied and the pinnacle of my way of life at that time.

I had a boyfriend and cheated on him, I was always short of money and he didn’t know all that. When I finally got pregnant (from my boyfriend, I had calculated it over and over again) and just saw no way out of the misery, I decided, although my boyfriend was for the child, to have it aborted.

Only later, when the consequences of my abortion came to light, did I tell him that I had cheated on him. He ended the relationship and I fell into a deep hole. With work and more work I tried to drown myself, so that there was no time left to think. Not to think and not to feel. Because whenever I had the time, the depression crept in, I suddenly had anxiety attacks, a racing heart, I felt chased and felt like I belonged “somewhere else”.

Only when I read about a woman who was also affected and was suffering from the consequences of her termination, did I first know where my soulish, mental, emotional and physical states came from – namely, my termination on February 13, 1996.

I still couldn’t let go, look forward or even “forgive” the abortion. I didn’t even think of forgiveness because the guilt was too deep. I always thought you had chosen the abortion, so you must continue to suffer so that you continue to have the drive to inform other women that abortion is not an appendectomy because someone else is involved – namely, life to come. How can you ever forgive yourself for something like that, I never thought that there could be “forgiveness.”

But forgiveness does exist and I was able to experience that in the “SaveOne” course. I soon noticed how much guilt and sadness was still in my heart and so almost every meeting flowed with tears – healing tears.

Tears of guilt, tears of failure, tears of acceptance, tears of forgiveness, tears of happiness.

My wonderful companion and the participants in the “SaveOne” course have realigned the image of God and Jesus for me. Today and now I wholeheartedly accept God’s forgiveness and am infinitely grateful. I can reject everything that speaks against this forgiveness, because that’s just the temptation to keep myself small and I know that God wants me to be happy, because what use am I to him when I’m exhausted and depressed, because he wants to “give us a future and hope” (Jeremiah 29:11).

It was also important to me that I could finally give my deceased child a name – her name is “Gabriel”, a beautiful, unusual name, just as my child would have been. I imagined her shape, thought about her character and gave her existence. Hoping to hug her one day with God, I am filled with an inexpressible joy and gratitude.

I know that I am her mother. I already have two loving children and I realize that I am much gentler now, but above all I have come closer to them, and they fully feel that.

I really advise every woman who suffers from the effects of an abortion to take this course. You can’t lose anything, you can only win!

Stories: Men

When I started with SaveOne, I was concerned whether people were nice and how it was really going to turn out. At the first meeting, 70% of my fears and doubts evaporated.

Over the course of 10 weeks I have learned to meet my unborn baby – with love.

God helped me resolve the question of guilt and I forgave those who were complicit those 23 years ago.

But the most liberating thing was the forgiveness that God has given me. And not only did Jesus forgive me, I too could finally forgive myself and the space thatwas previously filled with guilt, could be filledZwith love for my unborn daughter.

Surely it still hurts and I miss my child. I called her Leonie and my daughter will always be in my heart and memory. But no longer with the background that I denied her life, but that she waits for me and her brothers in the hands of Jesus. And this hope, this knowledge that she too could forgive me, consoles me against the past.

SaveOne was a challenge and often it hurt my heart; to look where I had always avoided. But through my courage and my confession of guilt, and the request for forgiveness – which I also received – I became freer. I also made new friends with the comrades-in-arms who showed me that I was not and am not alone; and that helped a lot.

Thanks to the course leader Mathilde and my new friends.

We love children and were expecting our third child when we were told that it could be born with disabilities. We had so many conversations with different doctors and experts, but reluctantly decided against the child because we didn’t have the strength to take care of a child with disabilities. My self-confidence and strength as husband and father were robbed by self-reproach, my wife fell ill with depression and we both drank a lot to drown the pain and grief. Even though we were totally sceptical at the beginning, with SaveOne forgiveness for ourselves and each other, we found an end to the depression and new strength by getting to know God for the first time. We have now been blessed with a newborn foster child and now there are three of us again.

After completing the SaveOne course, my daughter became so real to me. I sent my wife (the mother of our aborted child) a card from our little girl for Mother’s Day.

“I don’t love you enough to have children with you”. That was the only explanation I got from my girlfriend who would have been my child’s mother. In a ten-minute phone call, I heard from the woman I thought I would marry that I had been a father for two or three months. I had no idea that she was pregnant. I was depressed for several months afterwards. I didn’t want to go to my university seminars anymore, I didn’t eat and a four-year addiction to pornography began.

I didn’t stop going to church or believing in God at the time. But I felt like a hypocrite and that made my feelings much worse. During these years of pain, guilt, and shame, it never occurred to me that maybe that was because I needed inner healing. I thought I was “over it”.

When I was 26, six years after this bad experience, I heard about SaveOne. I read an advert about the start of a new course where men were also invited. I knew right away that I should go there. I thought I was healed but had to realize that there was still pain and grief for the lost child in me.

I was the only man on the SaveOne course. I was newly married and my wife took the courageous step to accompany me to the course (she never had an abortion herself).

Through SaveOne I have found forgiveness and healing, and inner peace that comes from knowing that God still loves me.

I’ve asked God to forgive me a hundred times and I believe He did. Now I am aware that the problem was that I could not forgive myself.

We got to know each other and fell in love, had planned our future and there was no place in it for children, although I said at the time that I was a Christian. We got married and started a new life together, but what I saw as the “solution” was the beginning of a journey through years of pain, avoidance, emotional withdrawal, and the impending end of our marriage. With SaveOne we also found freedom and restoration, I made peace with myself and my heart is full of life again. My relationship and marriage were restored, I was able to ask my wife for forgiveness and we were blessed with another child. Now our feelings for each other have a depth that we have never experienced before.

I became aware that I had to take a SaveOne course when I saw the change in my wife and was really annoyed about it. I hadn’t been part of her abortion experience all these years ago, but I had suffered collateral damage from all the drama associated with that abortion.

I was my own prisoner.

As a child of a mother who had had an abortion and the father of an aborted child, I lived with many emotional scars. My relationships were often short, I regularly lost my job, and I felt unworthy and took on the role of the scapegoat for every problem. My marriage was a mess, I was emotionally bound and totally isolated from my feelings. At the same time, I had a lot of irrational anger and was angry about every little thing. Through SaveOne I found out that I can forgive myself, receive forgiveness and anger and anger are finally gone.


The SaveOne Team is committed FOR LIFE with great passion and competence. They set themselves resolutely against the destructive thought cycles of those affected and show them helpful keys to freedom.

The need is often much greater than we think and hidden under layers of pain, fear and shame. SaveOne creates a safe place of healing and forgiveness to then enjoy a joy filled life again. In this way the “silent” get a voice and the “hidden” get a face.

SaveOne is not a program but a solid help for individuals with an enduring impact. So easy and so ingenious! Highly recommended are the information events for Doctors, Leaders and Staff in churches, life counsellors, pastoral care people……

Thank you for your valuable service to LIFE!

My name is Slađana Đorđević. My husband Bata and I have been working as pastors for the last 28 years. We have opened two churches and now we are leading the C3 church in Niš, the second biggest town in Serbia. Last year we had a chance to meet Mila and her work in the Pro-Llife and SaveOne ministry.

Until now, there were not many possibilities to hear about this important field of work. In our ministry, my husband and I were able to see many post-abortion symptoms, that women were experiencing, but I didn’t know where this pain and sorrow was coming from. In January I attended a SaveOne training in Belgrade, which was organized by Sonja Horswell and the Pro Baby ministry in Belgrade and I started the SaveOne course in Niš right after finishing the training. In the period from February to November, five people from our church went through the teaching of SaveOne. Every Wednesday we fasted and prayed for this course. Three ladies finished the SaveOne course and shared their experiences about victory over pain. With another five ladies I did a one-to-one course.

In our culture ladies do not open up so easy and they are not willing to share their abortion experience, but through personal contact and friendship I was able to visit all these ladies and work individually with them. It’s really a blessing, that so many ladies are willing to share their experience after they had gained trust. One old lady, who is 81, shared about her pain, which she had been carrying for more than 40 years.

We praise God for the SaveOne bible study, help and information I was able to get about this post-abortion ministry and to experience the joy of deliverance, that ladies have experienced. Thank you so much for your love and support, and that we can move forward with this ministry in the South of Serbia.

For three years now we have been offering SaveOne courses in Switzerland as part of the church Living Water with very positive experiences.

The structure of the course and the biblically based content of the workbook help people to gain deeper insight into the hurts of the soul which can occur after an abortion. This enables the affected people to understand why certain unhealthy behaviours have occurred in their own lives, often for many years.

SaveOne helps affected people to heal the wounds which stem from the abortion, to receive forgiveness for what has happened and to move forward in their live and shape their future with courage and joy.

We are thankful for the professional help we have received from the headquarters in Vienna. We received help and support whenever we needed it.

SaveOne is a success story to us and we can only recommend this ministry, as there are so many people in all our countries who are suffering after an abortion.

SaveOne is more important than most of us believe! So many of those affected are part of your lives and we do not know how to help. A child is aborted, or has died, leaving behind not only a gap, but a deep pain that only gets worse over time and can lead to depression. Here only honesty, encouragement, healing words and true acceptance can help. All this and much more is SaveOne.

I was just speechless when I saw the effect of the healing words. I thank Sheila Harper and Sonja Horswell for their brilliant approach and straight forward way to long-term healing of such a deep trauma in the life of a woman or a man who lost a child.

SaveOne offers women and men who carry the burden and aftermath of an abortion in their life the most effective healing process that I know. The participants of SaveOne can expect sustainable healing and restoration.

I recommend to everyone affected by abortion to make use of this program and to every pastor, priest and church leader to offer it in the church or parish.

Abortion and its sometimes lifelong consequences are often covered under a veil of silence by society. The abortion industry’s claim that a post-traumatic stress disorder (= post abortion syndrome) caused by abortion doesn’t exist, does not change a women’s suffering. Sweeping it under the carpet and suppressing it into the unconscious leads women with an unplanned pregnancy to search for a way out of their situation.

SaveOne doesn’t only show the way out of long lasting emotional and physical distress and into healing and forgiveness. It also brings the potential consequences of an abortion into the light and can save women in unplanned pregnancies to make a fatal wrong decision.

An abortion usually leaves deep wounds in the soul of the woman who has experienced the abortion and causes much suffering for them, their partner and their children – often stretching across back years or even decades. To those affected it is not always clear why they are consistently unhappy or suffering.

Agai,n and again I meet women that can link the beginning of their physical, mental and / or relationship problems with an abortion. They know very well that the abortion has left a trail of pain in their lives. When they talk about the abortion, feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, and shame frequently come up.

The SaveOne programme offers a confidential, non-judgmental setting. This setting and the offered topics and questions help to bring all the abortion related, stressful experiences and emotions to light. Through this “bringing to light”, the understanding of the other programme participants, through the leader and through the acceptance of God’s love; complete healing is possible.

Years ago, we opened the door of our community to the services of SaveOne, a program designed to help women following abortion who have struggled in life and relationships. SaveOne helped us in our pastoral work, since we gained an important understanding of what is going on in the hearts and minds of woman suffering because of the consequences of abortion. It has also revealed how to help them, how to listen and how to lead them toward emotional and spiritual healing. Instead of a judgment, SaveOne offers a solution through the power of forgiveness and healing.

It was wonderful to see woman, with that painful experience in their past, emotionally healed, reconciled with God, themselves, and in some cases, with their partner. Their sadness was exchanged with peace and joy. Many receive a new lease on life and experience a restoration in key relationships.

Some women have become active participants in local communities. Their personal healing resulted in a spontaneous desire to help other women suffering under similar circumstances. These woman have an empathy and understand the struggles others are experiencing. With the help of the SaveOne course previous participants are empowered to help other women find healing and restoration. The truth of 2 Cor. 1:2-4 finds practical fulfilment, “Blessed be the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction so that we will be able to comfort those who are in any affliction with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.”

Women who feel called by God to help others can find a fruitful avenue of service through the SaveOne program. We believe that SaveOne is not only essential for the individual, but this ministry is a highly beneficial tool for the local community to serve women in need wherever they are.

The term “Post Abortion Syndrome” was first used in 1981. Vincent Rue reported to the US Congress on the changes in the lives of women following an abortion. To date, the term is hotly debated by the medical establishment. The fact remains that some women carry the burden of an abortion their whole lives long. This is endorsed by their medical histories.

A lady who is nearly 60 years old, that I have had in my care for many years, came to my ordination seeking help for her back pain. the pain was especially strong in the evenings. She tried to escape the pain by finding a quiet place to lie down. I asked her the normal routine questions to seek clarity about the likely cause. After a short time there was a dramatic turn as it was clear that she could not forget a specific past experience. 40 years ago she was expecting a child and the father, who is now her husband, was totally against it. He put her under enormous pressure and so forced her into the abortion. Even today she suffers from the guilt of not being able to stand up for her child. Again, and again she lay down on the floor, lit a candle and thought about her child. She then often experienced pain in her pelvic area. A correlation betwween her pain and the abortion was obvious to me.

This report is not the only one on this subject in my almost 30-year-old medical practice. Abortion is a traumatic experience for those involved and a trauma always leaves traces. To not talk about it is no solution. It requires people who have a calling to take care of people’s spiritual and emotional needs.

SaveOne is an exceedingly valuable ministry to women that suffer from the emotional wounds of a – forced or voluntary – abortion, often even after decades. Sometimes they are not even aware of it because it was suppressed deeply.

Unfortunately, everything that we suppress somehow comes back to the surface at some point. If the soul is not allowed to give notice, then the body will feel the consequences of it – we become sick.

In the SaveOne courses people meet that have experienced the same and that understand each other deeply – this helps to face the pain and the shame. I have experienced how God reached the hearts of the women, how His love was allowed to arrive in them and how they could finally dump off their shame and their hurt over their loss at Jesus’ feet and receive healing in return.

God wants you to become whole in your body, soul and spirit – and SaveOne is an excellent tool for that.