SaveOne Croatian Workbook

SaveOne Book Croatian - Sheila Harper

€ 15,00

Vodic zu emocionalno iscjeljenje nakon abortusa.

SaveOne je za djevojke i zene koje traze oslobodenje od boli i krivnje abortusa. Ovo je prirucnik, ali i radni materijal koji je napisala zena koja je i sma imala bortus kao tinejdzerka. Sedam se godina Sheila Harper nosila sa sramom i ponizenjem svog abbortus, dok nije otkrila oslobodenje kroz Bozju preobilnu milost.

Postage is included.

La Vita Dopo DVD

La Vita Dopo DVD - Documentario - SPANISH

€ 15,00

Esperienze dopo un aborto

Questo ducumentario tratta il tema del  l'aborto riflettndolo sul tempo successivo. Dopo averlo sucito, oppure anni dopo, l`íntervento comincia a tormentare le donne. l'aborto influisce sul loro benessere personale- molto piu di quanto pensassero.

Produced in Switzerland. Excellent quality and contents.

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Notebook A5 | Inprint Gold | lines | NEW incl Postage

€ 11,00

NOTEBOOK with gold inprint | lines inside | Cover Text | He has sent me to bind the brokenhearted | Isaiah 61:1

Post Abortion Brochure (40 pages) incl Postage

€ 6,00

NEW  2018 - SaveOne Post Abortion Brochure - Informatioon about the potential consequences of an abortion and the support for dealing with them. Siblings & other family members are also affected - find out how! Help with miscarriage and stillbirth.

SaveOne for the local church, individuals and small groups europewide.

*References * Studies * Testomonies* *SaveOne* Adresses for help * Men and abortion * couples and abortion *PASS *PTBS* Siblings *offer for churches

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SaveOne Flyer - MEN

€ 14,00

Men suffer also from the ripple effects of an abortion. Inform yourself with this flyer. 100 Flyers cost EUR 14,--

We offer men and couple courses for abortion recovery.

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Women's Flyer English/German

SaveOne Women's Flyer English/German 2019

€ 14,00

Women's Flyer in German/English. Order minimum 100 brochures for EUR 14,-- incl. postal charges.

Survivor book - a journey through abortion and back

€ 14,00

Survivor is the true-life story of Sheila Harper and her journey through an unwanted pregnancy, the decision to abort, and the life she lived afterward.

If you need help finding someone to talk to about this choice.... this book is for you.

Including Postage

SaveOne Workbook for Women

SaveOne in ENGLISH - A guide to emotional healing after abortion (Book) in English

€ 15,00

This is a guide for women as well as a workbook, researched and written by a woman who herself had an abortion when she was a teenager. For seven years, author Sheila Harper carried with her the shame and humiliation of her abortion, only to find deliverance through God`s abundant Grace.

This book is a revealing look at post-abortion pain and guilt, emotions that have been left unchecked, out of control, for months, perhaps years.


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SaveOne "The Men`s Study Book" Sheila Harper (Book)

€ 15,00

"The Men`s Study" ist for men seeking deliverance from the pain and guilt of an abortion experience. This is a guide as well as a workbook, researched and written by a woman who heself had an abortion when she was a teenager.

For seven years, author Sheila Harper carried with her the shame and humiliation of her abortion, only to find deliverance through God`s abundant Grace.

This book is a revealing look at post-abortion pain and guilt. It will help you pinpoint the debilitating issues of forgiveness, anger, and wrong thoughts. SaveOne will guide you toward God`s Grace and His renewal of your mind.

Postage included

STILLBORN from James Allen (Paperback)

€ 6,00

Celebrities who have suffered Infant Loss

22 short stories of suffering women

SaveOne Workbook (Serbian)

€ 15,00

Vodic zu emocionalno iscjeljenje nakon abortusa - Sheila Harper

Postage included

Why Pro-Life? Softcover incl. Postage

€ 7,00

Why Pro-Life? Caring for the unborn and their mothers. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone trying to help a friend or family member understand the pro-life perspective. With clear, compelling language Randy Alcorn lays out hte case for Life, using hte power of both reason and emotion.

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Salve A Uno (Spanish)

€ 15,00

Una gia para la sanidad emocional despues del aborto - Sheila Harper

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SaveOne Workbook (Bulgarian)

€ 12,00

SaveOne Workbook (Slovenia)

€ 15,00

Vodnik k custvenemu ozdravljenju po splavu - Sheila Harper

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Answering The Call/John Ensor (Book)

€ 10,00

Calling Pastors, Church Leaders & Christians Everywhere

"Answering the Call" is designed to help Christians take the initiative and reach out with compassion and sensitivity to those who find themselves on the difficult road of unplanned pregnancy.
With scientific wisdom, practical application, theological foundation, and compassionate understanding, this powerful little book is an invaluable resource for pastors, church leaders, and Christians everywhere.

Including Postage

SaveOne Courses

Here you find an overview of all European SaveOne course leaders. to help you to face the trauma of your abortion. We will provide a safe place for you. Don't wait any longer for your miracle. Contact her/him for help
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PREGNANCY COUNSELLING                    FOR UNPLANNED PREGNANCIES. Take the time to talk it through and consider the alternatives to an abortion. Call us for help!                  

When: every Monday 10 am - 4 pm   
Tel: +43 (0) 677 627 920 66
Don't remain silent in your need. Come and talk to us.
SaveOne Training in Magdeburg /GER

When: 28th March 2020
Where: Scala Gemeinde Magdeburg, Halberstädter Str. 135A, Magdeburg    
Trainer: Sonja Horswell and Sonja Smutny
Language: German
Time: 9.30 am - 5pm
Cost: EUR 130,-- incl. SaveOne Workbook, Trainingsmaterial, Coffee and cake

Firm registration to:

SaveOne Europe Summit 2020                  10 year celebration

When: 1st - 3rd October 2020
Where: Reichenau/Rax/ Austria
Speakers: Sheila & Jack Harper | Timothy and Kristy Hall and more.
Registration Fee: EUR 165,--
Registration HERE

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