Rudi Schott | Pastor at Evangelical Free Church in Stockerau (Austria)

The SaveOne Team is committed FOR LIFE with great passion and competence. They set themselves resolutely against the destructive thought cycles of those affected and show them helpful keys to freedom.

The need is often much greater than we think and hidden under layers of pain, fear and shame. SaveOne creates a safe place of healing and forgiveness to then enjoy a joy filled life again. In this way the “silent” get a voice and the "hidden" get a face. 

SaveOne is not a program but a solid help for individuals with an enduring impact. So easy and so ingenious! Highly recommended are the information events for Doctors, Leaders and Staff in churches, life counselors, pastoral care people......
Thank you for your valuable service to LIFE!


Statement by  Bratislav and Sladana Dordjevic Pastors at C3 Church in Nis (Serbia)     

My name is Slađana Đorđević. My husband Bata and me have been working as pastors for the last 28 years. We have opened two churches and now we are leading the C3 church in Niš, the second biggest town in Serbia. Last year we had a chance to meet Mila and her work in the Pro life and SaveOne ministry.

Until now, there were not many possibilities to hear about this important field of work. In our ministry, my husband and I were able to see many post-abortion symptoms, women were facing, but I didn’t know where this pain and sorrow was coming from. In January I attended a SaveOne training in Belgrade, which was organized by Sonja Horswell and the Pro Baby ministry in Belgrade and I started the SaveOne course in Niš right after finishing the training. In the period from February to November, five people from our church went through the teaching of SaveOne. Every Wednesday we fasted and prayed for this course. Three ladies finished the SaveOne course and shared their experiences about victory over pain. With another 5 ladies I did a one-to-one course.

In our culture ladies do not open up so easy and they are not willing to share their abortion experience, but through personal contact and friendship I was able to visit all these ladies and work individually with them. It’s really a blessing, that many ladies are willing to share their experience after they had gained trust. One old lady, who is 81,shared about her pain, which she was carrying for more than 40 years.

We praise God for the SaveOne bible study, help and information I was able to get about this post-abortion ministry and to experience the joy of deliverance, that ladies have experienced. Thank you so much for your love and support, and that we can move forward with this ministry in the South of Serbia.


Statement by Peter & Ria Wehrli - Pastors at Living Water Church (Switzerland) 

For three years now we have been offering SaveOne courses in Switzerland as part of the church Living Waters with very positive experiences.

The structure of the course and the biblically based content of the workbook help people to gain deeper insight into the hurts of the soul which can occur after an abortion. This enables the affected people to understand why certain unhealthy behaviours have occurred in their own lives, often for many years.

SaveOne helps  affected people to heal the wounds which stem from the abortion, to receive forgiveness for what has happened and to move forward in their live and shape their future with courage and joy.

We are thankful for the professional help we have received from the headquarters in Vienna. We received help and support  whenever we needed it.

SaveOne is a success story to us and we can only recommend this ministry, as there are so many people in all our countries who are suffering after an abortion.


Statement by Ass.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Machold (Austria)

Abortion and its sometimes lifelong consequences are often covered under a veil of silence by society. The abortion industry’s claim that a post-traumatic stress disorder (= post abortion syndrome) caused by abortion doesn’t exist doesn’t change the women’s suffering. Sweeping it under the rug and suppressing it into the unconscious leads women with an unplanned pregnancy to search for a way out of their situation.
SaveOne doesn’t only show the way out of long lasting emotional and physical distress and into healing and forgiveness. It also brings the potential consequences of an abortion into the light and can save women in unplanned pregnancies to make a fatal wrong decision.


Statement by Pastor Gaby Wentland (Germany)

SaveOne is more important than most of us believe! So many of those affected are part of your lives and we do not know how to help. A child is aborted, or has died, leaving behind not only a gap, but a deep pain that only gets worse over time and can lead to depression. Here only honesty, encouragement, healing words and true acceptance can help. All this and much more is SaveOne.
I was just speechless when I saw the effect of the healing words. I than Sheila Harper and Sonja Horswell for their brilliant approach and straight forward way to long-term healing of such a deep trauma in the life of a woman or a man who lost a child.

Statement by Dr. Christoph Steurer (Austria)

The term "Post Abortion Syndrome" was first used in 1981. Vincent Rue reported to the US Congress on the changes in the lives of women following an abortion. To date, the term is hotly debated by the medical establishment. The fact remains that some women carry the burden of an abortion their whole lives long. This is endorsed by their medical histories.

A lady who is nearly 60 years old, that I have had in my care for many years, came to my ordination sseeking help for her back pain. the pain was especially strong in the evenings. She tried to escape the pain by finding a quiet place to lie down. I asked her the normal routine questions to seek clarity about the likely cause. After a short time there was a dramatic turn as it was clear that she could not forget a specific past experience. 40 years ago she was expecting a child and the father, who is now her husband, was totally against it. He put her under enormous pressure and so forced her into the abortion. Even today she suffers from the guilt of not beeing able to stand up for her child. Again and again she lay down on the floor, lit a candle and thought about her child. She then often experienced pain in her pelvic area. A correlation betwween her pain and the abortion was obvious to me.

This report is not the only one on this subject in my almost 30-year-old medical practice. Abortion is a traumatic experience for those involved and a trauma always leaves traces. To not talk about it is no solution. It requires people who have a calling to take care of people's spiritual and emotional needs.

Statement by Gianni Gaeta | Pastor Life Church Vienna (Austria)

SaveOne offers women and men who carry the burden and aftermath of an abortion in their life the most effective healing process I know. The participants of SaveOne can expect sustainable healing and restoration.
I recommend to everyone affected by abortion to make use of this program and to every pastor, priest and church leader to offer it in the church or parish.

Statement by Dipl. Social Worker and Psychotherapist Irmgard Böhm (Austria)

An abortion usually leaves deep wounds in the soul of the woman who has experienced the abortion and causes much suffering for them, their partners and their children - often stretching across back years or even decades. To those affected it is not always clear why they are consistently unhappy or suffering.

Again and again I meet women that can link the beginning of their physical, mental and / or relationship problems with an abortion.  They know very well that the abortion has left a trail of pain in their lives. When they talk about the abortion, feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, and shame frequently come up.

The SaveOne programme offers a confidential, non-judgmental setting. This setting and the offered topics and questions help to bring all the abortion related, stressful experiences and emotions to light. Through this "bringing to light", the understanding of the other programme participants, through the leader and through the acceptance of God's love; complete healing is possible.

Statement by Pastors Steve & Barbara Telzerow (Slovenia)  

Years ago, we opened the door of our community to the services of SaveOne, a program designed to help women following abortion who have struggled in life and relationships. SaveOne helped us in our pastoral work, since we gained an important understanding of what is going on in the hearts and minds of woman suffering because of the consequences of abortion. It has also revealed how to help them, how to listen and how to lead them toward emotional and spiritual healing. Instead of a judgment, SaveOne offers a solution through the power of forgiveness and healing.
It was wonderful to see woman, with that painful experience in their past, emotionally healed, reconciled with God, themselves, and in some cases, with their partner. Their sadness was exchanged with peace and joy. Many receive a new lease on life and experience a restoration in key relationships.
Some women have become active participants in local communities. Their personal healing resulted in a spontaneous desire to help other women suffering under similar circumstances. These woman have an empathy and understand the struggles others are experiencing. With the help of the SaveOne course previous participants are empowered to help other women find healing and restoration. The truth of 2 Cor. 1:2-4 finds practical fulfillment, “Blessed be the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction so that we will be able to comfort those who are in any affliction with the comfort with which we ourselves are cmforted by God.”
Women who feel called by God to help others can find a fruitful avenue of service through the SaveOne program. We believe that SaveOne is not only essential for the individual, but this ministry is a highly beneficial tool for the local community to serve women in need wherever they are. 


Statement by Mathilde Runck Pastor (Austria)

SaveOne is an exceedingly valuable ministry to women that suffer from the emotional wounds of a – forced or voluntary – abortion, often even after decades. Sometimes they are not even aware of it because it was suppressed deeply.
Unfortunately that everything that we suppress somehow comes back to the surface at some point. If the soul is not allowed to give notice then the body will feel the consequences of it – we become sick.
In the SaveOne courses people meet that have experienced the same and that understand each other deeply – this helps to face the pain and the shame. I have experienced how God reached the hearts of the women, how His love was allowed to arrive in them and how they could finally dump off their shame and their hurt over their loss at Jesus’ feet and receive healing in return.
God wants you to become whole in your body, soul and spirit – and SaveOne is an excellent tool for that.

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