Contents of a SaveOne Course

 Christine (70) SaveOne Participant 

" To every affected woman, I warmly recommend her to face her abortion and find healing. A wrong decision must not lead to us feeling guilty our whole life! Free at last! I am so thankful."
Initial meeting | The initial meeting is free of charge for individuals and will help you decide whether you want to take part in a SaveOne small group course or skype course to receive your healing.This is a safe and confidential place where you may share your story and about your fears etc.

1. Your source of courage
It takes courage to face the pain of your abortion. Who is your source of courage?

2. What happened to me?
Many women feel remorse and shame because of the abortion.

3. Dealing with stray emotions -1
Post Abortion Syndrome - what it is and what consequences does it have.

4. Dealing with stray emotions - 2
Depression, Sorrow, Guilt, Rage etc.- how do they make you sick inside?

5. Forgiving others
Who was actively involved in your abortion?

6. God's grace - undeserved favour of God, His enabling presence and power available to be able to forgive yourself.

7. Can I forgive myself?
Let the past go, live in the present

8. Renewing your thinking
Learn how to break the negative cycle of thoughts.

9. Who is this child?
Give your lost child identity and a place in your family.

10. A brave woman
Look forward to the future, do not be silent and consider helping  other women in similar situations

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Here you find an overview of all European SaveOne course leaders. to help you to face the trauma of your abortion. We will provide a safe place for you. Don't wait any longer for your miracle. Contact her/him for help
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