Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS)

After an abortion many women sink into a real sense of chaos and death of their emotions. After the initial relief comes often sadness, pain and regret. These feelings, which sometimes can affect the subconscious mind - even after several years - lead to symptoms such as:

• unexplained head and abdominal pain

• sleep disturbance, nightmares

• extreme restlessness

• feelings of guilt, being dirty and condemnation

• death wish

• dying of emotional life

• alcohol, medicine or drug abuse

• inappropriate responses at the sight of babies and pregnant women

• uncontrollable desire for a new pregnancy

SaveOne Courses

Here you find an overview of all European SaveOne course leaders. to help you to face the trauma of your abortion. We will provide a safe place for you. Don't wait any longer for your miracle. Contact her/him for help
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PREGNANCY COUNSELLING                    BY UNPLANNED PREGNANCIES. There are Alternatives  to an abortion! Call us for help!                  

When: every Monday 10 am - 4 pm   
Tel: +43 (0) 677 627 920 66
Don't remain silent in your need. Come and talk to us.
SaveOne Training in Magdeburg /GER

When: 28th March 2020
Where: Scala Gemeinde Magdeburg, Halberstädter Str. 135A, Magdeburg    
Trainer: Sonja Horswell and Sonja Smutny
Language: German
Time: 9.30 am - 5pm
Cost: EUR 130,-- incl. SaveOne Workbook, Trainingsmaterial, Coffee and cake

Firm registration to:

SaveOne Training Ukraine

When: 1st - 2nd May 2020
Where: coming soon
Speaker: Sonja Horswell & Karissa Larson
Language: English/Russian
More details to follow shortly


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