PASS (Post Abortion Survivor Syndrome) - What is it?

Those persons/children who were born in a family where an abortion has occurred or has been considered. e.g. disabled people know that they owe their lives solely due to the fact, that no accurate prenatal diagnosis had been made.

Psychiatry distinguishes 10 types of survivors:

1. The statistical survivor:
Those which were born in a country, where they actually had to be aborted, such as in China. A child which lives in China, knows that it is a great luck to live, and it knows that it certainly has brothers and sisters, who were denied to this opportunity.

2. Those who have survived the advice to abort:
Parents have thought long about it, the doctors have performed investigations, before the decision was made to keep the child or not.

3. Those who have survived aborted siblings:
Many children are born into families where a brother or a sister or multiple siblings have been killed.

4. Those to whom the parents say:
"I should have aborted you, you are only a burden." "I have sacrificed everything for you"

5. The disabled survivors:
More and more disabled children know that they are only alive because their disability was not diagnosed before the birth.

6. The survivors after abortion of one or more siblings, especially after "Fivet" (test tube fertilisation with embryo transfer).

7. Survivors of a failed abortion:
Among the few examples to mention are Gianna Jesson and Anna Rosa Rodriques.

8. Dead survivors:
It is those children who are aborted in late pregnancy, but then came alive into the world. However were left to die in a rubbish container or were then killed. Although the life of these children was only brief, their death leaves indelible marks on those who killed them.

9. Survivor by circumstances:
"If I had been able to, I would have aborted you."

10. Survivor due to indecisiveness of parents:

"I hesitated until it was too late for an abortion."

(Source: "Myriam, Why are you crying?, pp. 120-121")

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